Prime Minista Charlot Salwai, hemi stap long aelan blong hem blong Pentecost tede blong vot long Penama provincial election. Mr Salwai mo Misis Salwai tufala i kasem Pentecost long yestede blong vot long tede long poling stesen blong Melsisi long sentrol Pentecost.

Melsisi hemi wan long olgeta bigfala poling stesen blong Pentecost wetem ova long 500 pipol we oli regista blong vot. Mr Salwai mo Misis Salwai istap vot oltaem long general mo provincial election.

Ripot long Melsisi tede moning i talem se pipol istat blong laen blong vot stat long moning finis. Mr Salwai bae hemi kasem Port Vila long wiken.

Ikat ol nara minista mo ol palamentri sekretri we oli stap tu long aelan blong olgeta blong vot long tede. Ol provins we oli go long election long tede, ikat Penama, Malampa, Shefa mo Tafea.

Bae pipol blong ol aelan, oli rimemba afta long saeklom Pam, i bin kat wan seling bout we ino olsem ol nara seling bout, hemi bin stap visitim aelan blong Vanuatu olsem part blong reconstruction afta long saeklon Pam. Seling bout, hemi olsem wan kenu be no, hemi mo bigwan mo hemi kat ol sola panel long hem. Nem blong seling bout ia, hemi Okeanos. Oli buildim long New Zealand mo naoia, hemi stap beis long Vanuatu. Long las wik, oli bin invaetem Praem Minista, Charlot Salwai, DG blong hem, Johnson Naviti blong oli go long seling bout mo mekem wan sot visit insaed long Port Vila haba

Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs invited representative of islands councils in Port Vila to mark National Chiefs Day and the re-opening of Chiefs Nakamal on 6th February this year. Chiefs Nakamal in Port Vila was destroyed by cyclone Pam and Vanuatu government was the main financier to rebuild it. The chiefs performed the costume ceremony to the Prime Miniter Charlot Salwai as token of their appreciation for the financial assistance of their government. It was also the occasion for PM Salwai to meet one the highest ranking chiefs of Pentecost, Tanmonok Mathiew.

Tanis kastom blong aelan blong Embrym, hemi wan long olgeta tanis kastom we hemi bin haelaeten de blong ol chief long namba 5 March long yia ia. Long taem klosap evri aelan blong Vanuatu, oli bin tanis kastom blong makem de ia mo semtaem tu makem ri-opening blong nakamal blong Malvatumauri long Port Vila we saeklon Pam, hemi bin damejem. De long taem ia, hemi bin olsem wan mini arts festival. Hemi stat long Indipendens Park we hemi bin lukim wan tanis kastom blong Maewo, hemi lidim ol delegeit we oli kam long ol aelan, ol chief mo pipol we oli stap long Port Vila mo ol big big man blong gavman. I bin kat ol tok tok blong makem de ia mo pablik kakae be ol tanis kastom nao, oli bin mekem se de ia, hemi rili de blong ol chief.

National Chiefs Day this years was an occasion for the new President of Republic of Vanuatu, Fr Baldwin Lonsdale to meet with one the respected chiefs on Tanna and well known chief of Vanuatu, Chief Isaac Wan. The two chiefs met at Independence Park and they also marched with their counterparts chiefs from around the country to mark national Chiefs Day in Port Vila. Chief Wan is the highest chief of John Frum Movement on Tanna but he is also the commander of John Frum police. He was accompanied in Port Vila by one of his body guard in full military uniform.

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