Vanuatu GoV Telephone Directory
The Government of Vanuatu is seeking funding by the World Bank to implement the Vanuatu Infrastructure Reconstruction and Improvement Project.
Vanuatu GoV Telephone Directory
Most Government Agencies have both TVL and Digicel landline numbers and may be contact from the listed numbers.
Takara Geothermal Site
Draft blong Envaromental mo Sosol Impak Asesmen Ripot (ESIA) we SLR Consulting hemi bin priperem hemi provaedem wan asesmen long potensel envaromental mo ol sosol impak blong projek long taem blong eksploresen, konstraksen mo operesen. Ol draft we oli stap long ol link oli open naoia long pablik komen kasem 20/10/2014. Read moa lo Bislama... Read more in English...

Submarine Internet Cable
Prime Minister Sato Kilman has sat down with Vanuatu’s International Development Partners to source funding for the realisation of what is likely the most important infrastructure investment Vanuatu will see in the foreseeable future-the Submarine Cable.
Fiji PM visit Vanuatu Police
It was another milestone within the history of Vanuatu Police Force since its establishment on August 1, 1980 to receive the Prime Minister of Fiji.
Vanuatu-Australian 2012
Australia and Vanuatu dates back a long way in history. But today, marks another significant historical step forward in the relations between the two countries, different in size and wealth, but one in belief for a peaceful, lasting friendship and as good neighbours.
Tourism Infrastructure Project
Deputy Prime Minister Ham Lini, New Zealand High Commissioner Bill Dobie and Minister for Internal Affairs George Wells yesterday put pen to paper to sign a one-year Partnership Arrangement for Vanuatu’s Tourism Infrastructure Project (VTIP).
Seasonal Workers Increase
“You have team leaders among you. Please respect them and respect one another while you are in Australia..."
Infrastructure Reconstruction
GoV Telephone Directory
Takara Geothermal Project ESIA
Submarine Internet Cable
Fiji PM visit Vanuatu Police
Vanuatu-Australian 2012
Tourism Infrastructure Project

Regulatory Bodies

Telecom Regulator is the project that was setup to regulate policies related to telecommunications in Vanuatu.Public consultation:Draft Internet Regulatory Policy for TRR.

Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA) is Vanuatu's independent economic regulator of electricity and water services.It also manages consumer complaints & advises the Government on the electricity and water sectors.

Vanuatu Public Service Forms 10-2

Vanuatu Public Service Forms 10-2, of the Performance Management System must be filled by all in-service public servants, and submitted to the Office of the Public Service Commission by end of February each year. Download now

34th Independence Anniversary

Toktok blong Praem Minista, Honourable Joe Yhakowaie Natuman, blong makem namba 34 Anniversary blong Indepedance blong Republic blong Vanuatu.

Dokiumen blong speech ia yu save faenem lo link ia lo Bislama. Download now

Constitution of Vanuatu

The Constitution is the supreme law of the Republic of Vanuatu.

  • Know the Laws of your country
  • Know the rights of others
  • Know your rights
  • Govern and Rule Justly
  • Safeguard the sovereignty of the Republic of Vanuatu

Read it here:Constitution_of_Vanuatu

Visit PACLII to access numerous Vanuatu Laws and other Pacific Countries Law Database

Latest in-country development

The University of the South Pacific (USP) has agreed to assist
Vanuatu Institute of Teachers Education (VITE) by providing teachers’ training
for the untrained teachers around Vanuatu...Read more

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Public Holidays 2014

  • 1 January, New Year
  • 21 February, Fr. Walter.H.Lini Day
  • 5 March, Chief's Day
  • 18 April, Good Friday
  • 21 April, Easter Monday
  • 1 May, Labour Day
  • 29 May, Ascension Day
  • 24 July, Children's Day
  • 30 July, Independence Day
  • 15 August, Assumption Day
  • 5 October, Constitution Day
  • 29 November, Unity Day
  • 25 December, Christmas Day
  • 26 December, Family Day


The Parliament of Vanuatu is unicameral and has 52 members who are elected by popular vote every four years.

Reserve Bank of Vanuatu

The Reserve Bank of Vanuatu is the Central Bank of the Republic of Vanuatu.

Customs and Inland Revenue

Customs and Inland Revenue, namely CIR, is a large and diverse department with over 90 employees spread across Vanuatu. Customs ...Read more

Citizen:Building a Strong Vanuatu

The Vanuatu National Provident Fund is a compulsory savings scheme for Employees who receive a salary of Vt3, 000 or more a month, to help them financially at retirement.

Social Network


Tourism in Vanuatu

Your travel guide to the Vanuatu islands by the Vanuatu Tourism Office. Vanuatu has 83 islands boasting intact tribal communities, resorts, beaches...

Vanuatu Investment

VIPA, Vanuatu's investment promoting agency, Facilitating Investments in Vanuatu, promoting Foreign Direct Investments, monitor and provide aftercare service

Vanuatu Financial Service Commission

The VFSC's function is to operate an effective and efficient Registry.In addition, it has been tasked to regulate and supervise the non-deposit taking financial services